Ford, Quinn, Desmarais Law Firm understands the trust you place in an attorney, because we honor that trust every day.  If you have worked with a Massachusetts lawyer who has caused you to suffer losses because of his or her professional negligence, our law firm can pursue the attorney or law firm that is liable to you. We also aggressively pursue medical malpractice claims for our clients.

Most of our legal malpractice cases settle out of court, but we are prepared and willing to go to trial if the nature of the case demands it.  Litigating or settling an attorney malpractice claim includes different elements from our personal injury law practice, although we must prove the same paradigm that a failure to fulfill a duty caused loss to the victim.

We understand your lawyer malpractice claim

The elements of a legal malpractice claim relate to the nature of the attorney’s involvement in the case and how his or her advice or guidance affected the outcome of the matter for which you hired him, her, or the attorney’s firm.

The plaintiff must prove several elements of events:

That an attorney-client relationship existed

The standard of care the attorney owed the client

That the attorney violated that standard of care

That the violation, or negligence, caused an injury or loss

That the loss was reasonably foreseeable under the standard of care

Attorney malpractice claims are challenging cases.  Saia-Ford-Quinn Law Firm prepares evidence and expert testimony to indicate as fully as possible the nature of your claim and works with clients closely to make clear what needs to happen to prove your case or when settlement is in your best interest.


Medical Malpractice

Victims of serious injury in medical malpractice cases typically face exorbitant hospital fees for treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation along with past, present, and future income losses due to disability. When newborns suffer from cerebral palsy, depending on the severity of the case, the family may be straddled with a lifetime of assistive care. The same is true with other gross medical errors resulting in severe disability. Without a legal team to estimate damages and vigorously advocate compensation through negotiations or trial, many families are left with significant financial burden.

Proving medical malpractice claims requires exceptional skills and experience, access to expert witnesses, and technical understanding of underlying medical negligence. Through decades of combined experience, our firm has developed the high level of expertise necessary to take on medical malpractice cases.

Ford, Quinn, Desmarais Law Firm represents clients who are victims of medical malpractice in Massachusetts. We partner with an of-counsel attorney who has specific experience in this practice area in order to ensure we provide the best possible opportunity for you to recover from your injuries. Complex personal injury cases require strong personal injury litigators, and our attorneys offer the dynamic force that these cases need.